Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Card Project

Frozum - This member of the Underworld Army dwells in frosty climates. To attack, it summons powerful blizzards capable of freezing anybody who comes close. In warmer locales, they are kept as pets that can double as air conditioners.

Snowman - A mean, hulking giant made of ice, this is one Snowman who definitely isn’t a jolly, happy soul. A territorial beast, it blasts all who come near with its frozen breath.

Brawny Claws - An Underworld crustacean that blocks Pit’s progress by extending its arms and legs. Its pincers stretch out to the side but can’t extend up or forward. Still, for lazy little Brawny Claws, this technique comes in quite handy.

Sinistew - A murky Underworld genie who resides in a pot. But this genie doesn’t grant wishes—he just tries to drag passersby into his lair! The pot contains a one-dimensional universe—those pulled into it are rarely seen again.

Vakloom - Vakloom absorbs all ranged attacks with the black hole in the center of its body. It then converts that absorbed energy into a massive laser blast that it uses to return fire. A slow creature, Vakloom is best taken down with melee attacks.

Snong - Semiconscious monsters that resemble elephants. The head commands two arms that come from both sides to crush their enemies. While they’re one of the Underworld’s heavy hitters, they don’t mind helping out around the office.

Petribomber - This four-handed creature produces explosive rocks from its body, launching them at foes when they’re grown. Since it walks on hands instead of feet, it often loses its balance and trips, blowing itself up in the process.

Armin - At first, Armin appears to be quite the invulnerable beast, protected in front and back by heavy plates. However, from the side its true puny body is exposed, exposing this Underworld monster for the weakling it really is.

Leox - If you like lions and motorcycles, man, Leox is 100% the enemy for you. It charges forward, bringing its head down like a hammer. This bone-shattering blow also sends out shock waves that shake the air around it.

Girin - Rather than waiting for prey to fall into its trap, this hyperevolved ant lion jumps out at enemies, attempting to crush them in its pincers. However, Girin leaves itself open to attack after this lunge and will retreat in surprise if hit.