Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Card Project

Meeba - A Meeba is a parasitic fungus that inhabits the body of a beetle. Although its host has expired, the shell provides excellent defense against frontal attacks. Circle around and attack from behind where its body is exposed.

Captain Flare - He’s the man of mystery. He disappears without a trace. He’s the amazing Captain Flare! He shoots comets from the space rift within his cape—the very same cape that contains the alternate universe Captain Flare likes to disappear into.

Skreetle - When walking on all fours, Skreetle is hard to hit. Ironically, it’s when it stands up to intimidate its foes that this creature is most vulnerable. Like most insects, Skreetle prefers tight spaces to being out in the open.

Cacaw - Cacaw raises a piercing cry whenever it spots an enemy. This shriek contains supersonic waves that give its victims disorienting brain damage. Sure, you can try to run away, but your best bet is just defeating this noisy menace.

Mudrone - Originally spindly creatures with twig-like bodies, Mudrones used the power of earth and water to bulk up. Mudrones will be defeated for good after the third time you’ve downed them, so it might be better just to run.

Bumpety Bomb - Have you ever planted a bomb, only to have monsters run away from it? It’s the worst! That’s why Viridi created this running time bomb. Its armor makes it hard to destroy from afar and dangerous up close, so you might just want to run!

Badoot - In the air, Badoots are obstacles. On land, they link together with an electric tether to trip their enemies. Badoots are almost impervious to any attack while linked, so your best bet is to wait for them to part and then strike.

Mahva - Mahva defends itself with a sphere of water that only allows friendly fire to pass through. This makes it an ideal front-line soldier for the Forces of Nature. But don’t give up: persistent attacks will eventually break through Mahva’s shield.

Boom Stomper - A gigantic mass of rock inscribed with runes and given the gift of life. With its tremendous weight, walking is a struggle. Yet Boom Stomper uses this bulk to its advantage by toppling onto its foes as a heavy attack.

Jitterthug - Depending on which way its mask is facing, Jitterthug looks like either an old man or a furious monster. Each of these “personas” has its own traits: the old man is unaffected by ranged shots, while the angry monster is immune to melee strikes.