Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Card Project

Nukleen - A Nukleen is a mine that the Aurum often use to conquer planets. They explode when attacked, erupting in a wide-range explosion that deals damage to friends and foes alike, so they can be used to Pit’s advantage.

Roz - These Aurum comets have a seemingly impossible mass, making them both invulnerable to attack and capable of incredible destruction when striking objects. When they hit the ground, they release an analytical compound.

Zrink - Initially, Zrinks are large, slow-moving targets. Yet as they take damage, they shed their outer armor, making them smaller and allowing them to move faster. They rarely attack, instead providing defense for nearby Aurum.

Rezda - These Aurum forces defend their allies by erecting shields that prevent everything but other Aurum and their shots from passing through. This defense exposes their cores, so a careful aim should be enough to take them out.

Baglo - Baglo is an unassuming enemy that only awakens when attacked, unleashing a barrage of continuous fire. So take care when battling near a Baglo that one of your own shots doesn’t stray and hit it!

Zaurum - Zaurum are the only members of the Aurum that resemble anything like living beings. Yet whether they’re actually alive remains unclear. They’re deployed on the Aurum floating islands and excel at psychic attacks.

Sio - An Aurum enemy that looks like nothing you’ve ever seen before. They rob their foes of sight and mobility with black-hole shots. Try to escape from these traps before they can hit you with their lasers and body blows!

Xoneme - Xoneme defends itself with a series of rotating panels that it can also fan outward as an attack. These panels are invulnerable, so the best strategy for taking down Xoneme is to get past or aim for the spaces between them.

Taklax - Although they look a bit like a tasty dessert, these Aurum enemies are neither sweet nor delicious. They unfurl like a butterfly and fire continuous shots. When not on the assault, Taklax are often assigned surveillance duties.

Kolma - Aurum enemies that look like giant wheels of cheese. Kolma attack from a distance by flinging pieces of outer armor at their foes. Their sides are always vulnerable, but they can be attacked from any angle once they shed all of their armor plates.