Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Card Project

Cellular Komayto - This cellular version of the Underworld Komayto guards Hades’s Belly from intruders. They act like white blood cells, latching onto foes and transferring their life force to Hades’s Belly. Take them out with melee attacks.

Cellular Monoeye - This cellular version of the Underworld Monoeye guards Hades’s Belly from intruders. When not on alert, they plant their tentacles into a wall or ceiling, dangling there and sleeping like the cutest thing you ever did see.

Cellular Bluster - This cellular version of the Underworld Bluster guards Hades’s Belly from intruders. While most cells spend all day processing nutrients and dividing, Cellular Bluster shields itself with an ever-growing layer of gelatin.

Cellular Handora - This cellular version of the Underworld Handora guards Hades’s Belly from intruders. Handoras are created by mass cloning the hands of other Underworld monsters. Naturally, being in a stomach, they have to wash often.

Monomiknose - If this face rings a bell, it’s because it’s actually made up of two Monoeyes, a Mik, and a Specknose. While you’d think the combination of four monsters would be quite powerful, Monomiknose is not as great as the sum of its parts.

Fort Oink - Fort Oink was originally designed to transport Underworld troops to the battlefield. However, mistakes were made, and it now fires its passengers as ammunition. At least the Underworld now knows to measure twice and cut once.

Guttler - This gluttonous monster gobbles up anything it can. Whether it eats friend or foe, Guttler grows stronger with each creature it consumes. Although this helps cut down on the number of enemies, it also gives Guttler’s attacks a bigger bite!

Erinus - An Erinus is an Underworld foe that prefers to attack in great numbers, though even when seeming to fight solo…it isn’t. Its top and bottom halves can separate and fight independently, making it a diabolical duo!

Tempura Wizard - An enemy even more fearsome than the Eggplant Wizard. Once sprinkled with its flour, targets are transformed into shrimp tempura. And if you’re cursed, look out: the Tempura Wizard can turn you into dinner with a one-bite kill.

Igniot - A fearsome, rotating cannon that fires off petrifying beams of light. Its dangling eyeball keeps a constant vigil, mercilessly blasting any opposing forces that cross its path. Luckily, Palutena’s protection ensures Pit is only briefly turned to stone.