Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Card Project

Snong - Semiconscious monsters that resemble elephants. The head commands two arms that come from both sides to crush their enemies. While they’re one of the Underworld’s heavy hitters, they don’t mind helping out around the office.

Petribomber - This four-handed creature produces explosive rocks from its body, launching them at foes when they’re grown. Since it walks on hands instead of feet, it often loses its balance and trips, blowing itself up in the process.

Armin - At first, Armin appears to be quite the invulnerable beast, protected in front and back by heavy plates. However, from the side its true puny body is exposed, exposing this Underworld monster for the weakling it really is.

Leox - If you like lions and motorcycles, man, Leox is 100% the enemy for you. It charges forward, bringing its head down like a hammer. This bone-shattering blow also sends out shock waves that shake the air around it.

Girin - Rather than waiting for prey to fall into its trap, this hyperevolved ant lion jumps out at enemies, attempting to crush them in its pincers. However, Girin leaves itself open to attack after this lunge and will retreat in surprise if hit.

Merenguy - The Merenguy’s dance is strangely entrancing. So much that it uses its talent to distract enemies for the Underworld Army. When that folksy music starts playing and Merenguy starts shaking its hips, you just can’t look away.

Whoops, somebody pointed out I skipped this one. Not sure if my fault or if tumblr ate it. So, darn, now it’s out of sequence.

Bluster - Bluster covers itself in a cloud-like material for protection. It favors defense, using its attacks to cause shaking in enemies, which in turn leaves them vulnerable to damage from Bluster’s allies.

Magmoo - Semianimate creatures born from the magma of the Underworld. Their brains put out a continuous source of heat that keeps their magma piping hot. Lacking smarts, they sometimes stumble into water, which never goes well for them.

Clubberskull - Clubberskulls possess unrivaled attack strength capable of destroying even high-level monsters. Because of this threat, they are normally sealed away, only attacking if disturbed. Leaving them alone is an extremely valid strategy.

Eggplant Wizard - Those hit by eggplants thrown by the Eggplant Wizard are turned into, well, eggplants. Pit can’t attack in this state, and the only cure is time. So you’d best vamoose if you don’t want to end up baba ghanoush.

I mostly associate this guy with the Saturday morning cartoon show Captain N: The Game Master, from the NES-era glory days of the mid 1980s. He was a standard ineffectual henchman, together with King Hippo from Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out, under the leadership of what was allegedly Mother Brain (who by the way was voiced by the guy who did Audrey II in the Little Shop of Horrors movie).

Other than Captain N himself and the original character Princess, the heroes weren’t much better. Pit was in there, though the cartoon writers thought his name was actually Kid Icarus, and he had a speech impediment that added “-icus” to half the things he saidicus.

Like a lot of kid’s cartoons of the decade, the concept had plenty of promise (Who doesn’t want a cartoon show that crosses over most of the major video game franchises of the day?), but the execution left a lot to be desired. Of course you don’t actually need good writing to entertain kids, though standards have greatly increased since then.

Baba ghanoush is, as one might infer, an eggplant based dish.